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Typhoon Yolanda – How WE can help. Because crying about it certainly won’t.

Kyle's Corner

I know that not a lot of people read this blog (I have like, what, five or six viewers, myself included?), but I feel that it’s my responsibility to at least START doing something instead of looking at all of the pictures and videos and newscasts and heart-wrenching messages of the survivors and FEELING bad.

And if I could get even just *one* person to donate because of this post, then this post was worth it.

Fuck all that talk about the “indomitable Filipino spirit”, that’s bullshit we say to make ourselves feel better and you KNOW it. This isn’t the time for rhetoric and feel-good speeches, it’s the time for action. We say that we care so much about our fellowmen on social media – now’s the time to step up and PROVE it in real life.

Here’s a compilation of all the links I see popping up on…

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‘Silent Light’ – In honour – The Philippines

Thank you for this. Let us remember, let us learn, let us rise from all of this …

Mini Reunion

Just had a lovely mini-reunion with some old high school classmates of mine. We had lunch at an extraordinary eatery called Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant, a place that has long received acclaim for its historical, traditional Filipino cuisine, as well as its cozy, old-fashioned dining atmosphere.



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August Rain, not “November Rain” …


A shot of the drizzly sky above my place taken one late afternoon, on August 20,

It’s been raining here almost nonstop for several days here since Saturday. The direct cause isn’t a strong tropical storm or typhoon, but how this affects and magnifies the monsoon weather (or “habagat” as it’s known in these parts) we have right now. Hoping not have a repeat of what happened last year and I actually want to go back to work. And Tina Turner’s “I Can’t Stand the Rain” is running an ad nauseum loop in my head …

The story behind the crying cop | ABS-CBN News

The story behind the crying cop | ABS-CBN News.

Senatorial Elections 2013

Today, the Filipino people will vote for the next batch of windbags senators, nitwits congress people, airheads mayors, vice-airheads vice-mayors and dweebs governors to run the country. Aside from following the proper electoral procedures, kindly keep this very important rule in mind:


A cold in summer …

Have been feeling rather under the weather even though I’m now back at work. Still light-headed at times, and my scratchy throat continues to be stubborn. I enhance the effect of the doctor’s medication with lots of water, vitamin-C enriched juice and ginger tea.

It’s a bit odd that one would be getting a bad cold in the middle of a brain-melting, sweltery, jungle-humid summer here in QC. But I suspect the sudden changes of temperature to be the culprit here.

I mean, imagine the outdoors temperature like this:


and then you’re stuck for several hours inside a big, multi-cubicled room with the air conditioning set to this:


A laundromat in Middle Earth …


On the other hand, this is very near my home. Obviously, the owner is a big Tolkien fan – this probably explains why Galadriel is known as the “Lady of Light”! 😉

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