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‘Silent Light’ – In honour – The Philippines

Thank you for this. Let us remember, let us learn, let us rise from all of this …


I do not say the right things,

And I have accidentally mastered

The art of awkward silences,

But I am not your monster


I cry, I sulk and weep, and grumble and swear,

There are even times

I could honestly say

“I hate you”

But I am not your monster


Do not bind me

Or burden me

With the millstones

Of my shortcomings

I am not perfect

I am not the all-knowing sage


The all-conquering warrior

I am scared

I am lonely

I am miserable


I am not your monster …



Artwork by Toby Allen


© Text copyright by Patricia Acevedo 2013



Take flight – two words, two meanings


One flees towards the obscure jungle

and hides in the soft trembling darkness

of stubbornly unseeing eyes

wishing, wishing …

While the other one soars high, high, high …

Gazing at the magnifying whiteness

Encompassing, revealing …

Then finally, seeing …

Everything is in plain sight

Show yourself …




© Patricia Acevedo



Gnawing, howling …

The worm of despair

Gnawing, howling …

It tore a hole in the middle of my chest

Gnawing, howling …

After devouring my left ventricle

Gnawing, howling …

It gains its strength from words


“You’ll never be good enough!”


“You think so highly of yourself, don’t you?”


“Don’t you ever THINK – at all?!!”

or even

“You simply don’t CARE!!!”


stop it, worm


© 2013 by Patricia Acevedo

“Payslip” by John Robert Luna

To whatever writing instrument I use …

You demand to be released

And never let it rest until

you leave me with no other choice

But when you do

I can’t help but notice

Your obsessive fondness

For long departures …


Library Public Computer Keyboard

Library Public Computer Keyboard (Photo credit: rosefirerising)

© 2013 by Patricia Acevedo

First step …

And so, it begins …

The first step that I was afraid to take before

The hardest thing to do was done …


God willing

May we all live to endure and see

The last step …

© Copyright 2013 by Patricia Acevedo