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Salamat, Google!

Philippine Independence Day 2013

Google Doodle to celebrate Philippine Independence Day

Fascinating Early-20th-Century Color Photos of Famous People

Be Happy because …


                                                          Source: Uploaded by user via Touch Therapy on Pinterest

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Philippines Named ‘Most Stupid Country to Elect a 20-Year OJT as a Senator’ by Time Magazine

Senatorial Elections 2013

Today, the Filipino people will vote for the next batch of windbags senators, nitwits congress people, airheads mayors, vice-airheads vice-mayors and dweebs governors to run the country. Aside from following the proper electoral procedures, kindly keep this very important rule in mind:


Books in Art: “Adversity” Illustration by Edith Mahier

A Small Press Life: Books. Art. Writing. Life. Tea.

“Adversity” illustration by Edith Mahier, from the Tulane University yearbook. 1915.

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Why Time’s Millennials Cover Story Says More About Joel Stein Than It Does About Millennials

A cold in summer …

Have been feeling rather under the weather even though I’m now back at work. Still light-headed at times, and my scratchy throat continues to be stubborn. I enhance the effect of the doctor’s medication with lots of water, vitamin-C enriched juice and ginger tea.

It’s a bit odd that one would be getting a bad cold in the middle of a brain-melting, sweltery, jungle-humid summer here in QC. But I suspect the sudden changes of temperature to be the culprit here.

I mean, imagine the outdoors temperature like this:


and then you’re stuck for several hours inside a big, multi-cubicled room with the air conditioning set to this:


Love others

PDI: Epic fail for an ‘honest’ mistake