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PLC (Pedestrian Lane Cat)

While waiting for my ride home, I chanced upon this easygoing little feline making himself / herself quite at home in the middle of the pedestrian lane near my office building …

I tried to get acquainted with PLC when he / she crossed the street. But PLC decided to turn around and go into some nearby bushes …

Um, thanks …

Just had one of my supermarket reward cards renewed a few days ago. So usually, these things expire after one year. But apparently, it will take a good long time before I can do that with my just-renewed card …

Hope I’ll still be around! X3

Nope, I sure as heck am not dead …

2015 had been a toxic and anguish-filled year for me, in terms of finances, personal-that-are-also-connected-to-family problems, schmucks in the workplace and the new-but-age-old-and-still-saddening discovery that the people who smile the most can be the ones whose knives plunge the deepest into your back.

I have gone through bouts of depression, waded through the darkest valleys of despair, anger and bitterness. Faced cowards, liars, hypocrites, wimps and narrow-minded stuffed shirts. And let’s not forget that dreaded 4-word sentence – See you in court.

Which was why this blog has been silent for 2015.

I was also quiet last year because I didn’t want to die before my time, ehehehe …


Enough’s enough. I’m through dilly-dallying and drinking too much whine (no, this is not a misspelling). I’m rolling up my sleeves, 2017. Let’s do this together, Dad …

2015 so far …

January 2015 is about to end soon, and it’s also too soon to say if 2015’s going to be as rollercoaster-ish as 2014. But so far, things are coming along quite swimmingly, at least on the writing front:

“A Fox, A Rose – and a Prince: Trailer for THE LITTLE PRINCE Hits Web! (yes, it was in December – but it’s the Little Prince!)

“7th International Manga Award Winners” (manga, comics, fumetti, bande dessinée – all different, all unique, but one and the same)

“Winners of the 59Th Shogakukan Manga Awards” (ghost stories, genies, yakuzas, NEETs and a temperamental 4th-grader!)

“MANGA REVIEW: Shinya Shokudou” (my first manga review! ^^)

“Winners of the 2014 KODANSHA MANGA AWARDS” (tennis and rakugo, anyone?)


Amen …

The only Reason for the Season – Merry Christmas, WordPress-ers …

Inspiration Point

Coming Up …

Some manga reviews …

Custom cakes …

And – the big screen …


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Semana Santa 2014

It’s officially Easter Sunday in this part of the world, but I was able to get some really good pictures of Palm Sunday and Lenten rites the week before.

Below are some shots of palaspas (palm fronds woven and decorated to represent palms waved by the masses upon Jesus’ entrance to Jerusalem):

The blessing of the palaspas during Mass:




Many palaspas vendors were stationed around the neighborhood church, weaving and selling their handcrafted wares:


The company I work for happens to be one of those few places that still operate during Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, but I managed to photograph a Pabasa (a public reading and chanting of the life, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ done by Catholic devotees) that was taking place in a church near my office building.


This was taken from a high floor through a rather dingy glass elevator, which would account for some cloudy patches in the photo. As the devotees were reading, they also carried heavy wooden crosses as an added act of penance.

© Words and photos by Patricia Acevedo


Wine… It pairs perfectly with Christmas!

The Wine Wankers

a-santa-drinking-wine-24650679 Merry Christmas everybody! I’ve set this one to auto-publish on the dot of Christmas Sydney time.  I know that some of you may not partake in the joys of Christmas but I do hope that you will all at least get some giggles (or maybe a slight grin or two) out of these wine related images. Some of our regular Facebook and Twitter followers who may have already seen some of these, and I also apologise if I’m breaking any “rules” by putting them up on our blog.  Unfortunately these have circled the net so many times that I am unable to credit the brilliant minds who came up with them. All the best everyone!  I’ll be heading up to the folks to enjoy a traditional Christmas morning port with the old-man.  I’ve got a couple of bottles from the 70s to pop open.  Can’t wait. Enjoy!!

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Our Daughter Jade Mullally Missing: How You Can Help

Cooking in Sens



On November 24, 2013 Jade took the train from Stuttgart, Germany to Strasbourg, France. Normally, she would have taken the school bus from the train station to her boarding school in Walbourg, France but she didn’t get on the bus.

Her dream was to become a fashion model and we believe that that was her plan when she left home.

Jade has lead a very sheltered life and our concern is that some person(s) might be taking advantage of her naivete and possibly holding her against her will.

An investigation and search is being conducted worldwide and particularly concentrated in France, Germany and England.

jade short hair 2

It has finally occurred to me that this blog has almost 4,000 followers worldwide, and while I wanted to keep “CookinginSens” as my refuge from the harrowing…

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