One of Dad’s rescued girls, an English teacher before (elementary AND high school) and now (online).   A 40-something Filipina who likes what she likes.   Embrace the fact that while life can be as ugly as a shaved ape, one can endure and flourish in it with the help of love, hope and faith, prayers, true friends, coffee, chocolate, bacon, good books, good TV, good music (long live the ’80s!) and good movies …

Now, I’m resuming a more serious blogging lifestyle (after being somewhat nagged urged by a like-minded colleague), so let’s get this show on the road!

Guest book

Guest book (Photo credit: Lars Plougmann)


A short explanation about my blog title – it was adapted from the title of an Adam and the Ants album, “Kings of the Wild Frontier”. As I mentioned before, “Long Live the 80s!”


Jack Sparrow? Who’s he?


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  1. Thanks for the follow!! I love Adam Ant. LOVE… Seriously.

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