Nope, I sure as heck am not dead …

2015 had been a toxic and anguish-filled year for me, in terms of finances, personal-that-are-also-connected-to-family problems, schmucks in the workplace and the new-but-age-old-and-still-saddening discovery that the people who smile the most can be the ones whose knives plunge the deepest into your back.

I have gone through bouts of depression, waded through the darkest valleys of despair, anger and bitterness. Faced cowards, liars, hypocrites, wimps and narrow-minded stuffed shirts. And let’s not forget that dreaded 4-word sentence – See you in court.

Which was why this blog has been silent for 2015.

I was also quiet last year because I didn’t want to die before my time, ehehehe …


Enough’s enough. I’m through dilly-dallying and drinking too much whine (no, this is not a misspelling). I’m rolling up my sleeves, 2017. Let’s do this together, Dad …


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