Senatorial Elections 2013

Today, the Filipino people will vote for the next batch of windbags senators, nitwits congress people, airheads mayors, vice-airheads vice-mayors and dweebs governors to run the country. Aside from following the proper electoral procedures, kindly keep this very important rule in mind:



2 responses

  1. Dearest Queen
    Am I right in thinking that on Imelda Marcos was elected Senator long after her husband’s death and their expulsion from power?
    Just a memory or mis-memory I had when reading your to-the point post, that could apply in so many countries!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. She actually ran for President(!) twice(!!) when she returned from exile – but lost on both attempts. She’s currently a congresswoman in a province in the north.

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