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Exercise 2: Character Dimensions

Justin Scott Sargeant


Today I am bringing to you one of the lessons from the Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook by David Maass. This book is chock full of amazing ways to refine your manuscript and give your story that extra je ne sais quoi. I’m enjoying this book so much that I thought I would show you all a little bit of the work I have been doing.

(And maybe, while shamelessly plugging his book, Mr. Maass will inadvertently discover this blog, see that I am giving him free advertisement, become interested in my book, and advertise it unto the world. . . .Well a guy can dream, can’t he?)

Today’s lesson is about giving your protagonist conflicting sides to make them more dimensional and, in turn, making them more realistic. Now, I felt pretty confident that my protagonist was already quite multidimensional. Then I read this section from the…

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The Korean way with the English language …


A local English-language school that caters to Koreans, it apparently provides electricity as well …

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The Dark Knight Rises, He Is Risen Indeed: Thoughts On A Better Resurrection

The Dark Knight Rises, He Is Risen Indeed: Thoughts On A Better Resurrection.

A laundromat in Middle Earth …


On the other hand, this is very near my home. Obviously, the owner is a big Tolkien fan – this probably explains why Galadriel is known as the “Lady of Light”! 😉

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SEO and Your Blog

The Daily Post

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post for the blog about how SEO works on, and today I’d like to discuss this here on The Daily Post. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it refers to things you can do to increase how high your site ranks in the search results of Google and other search engines.

SEO is a hot topic around the blogosphere, and you’ve likely heard a lot about it. Much often repeated SEO advice is untrustworthy and some of it is just plain bad.

The good news is if you have a site on we take care of the vast majority of the technical side of SEO for you. The only thing you really need to do for great SEO is write!

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Wordplay, Filipino style!

Sandwicheese 2

Our way with words comes in handy, especially in signs like this one. It’s a sandwich shop that’s not too far from my place of work and it specializes in cheese sandwiches, hence the name. 🙂

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“Honeybee” by Steam Powered Giraffe

One of a handful of songs I never, ever get tired of listening …

“Hello, goodbye, ’twas nice to know you,
How I find myself without you,
That I’ll never know.
I let myself go …
Hello, goodbye, I’m rather crazy.
And I never thought I was crazy,
But what do I know?”

Coffee and Book

Don’t feel bad if …

If You Could Trade Places With Your Pet