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Do you suffer from blog envy?

“The Sweetest Taboo” by Sade

Who needs Beyoncé when we have a class act like her? =)

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The Daily Post

We’ve talked a lot about comments here on The Daily Post, but we’ve never mentioned the comment’s cousins, the casual pingback and the formal trackback. A couple of you have asked what the deal is with trackbacks and pingbacks, so let’s give them some attention. 

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A cold in summer …

Have been feeling rather under the weather even though I’m now back at work. Still light-headed at times, and my scratchy throat continues to be stubborn. I enhance the effect of the doctor’s medication with lots of water, vitamin-C enriched juice and ginger tea.

It’s a bit odd that one would be getting a bad cold in the middle of a brain-melting, sweltery, jungle-humid summer here in QC. But I suspect the sudden changes of temperature to be the culprit here.

I mean, imagine the outdoors temperature like this:


and then you’re stuck for several hours inside a big, multi-cubicled room with the air conditioning set to this:


Avoiding ‘Truthiness’ When Writing Your Life

The Artist's Road

“Did that really happen?” It’s a question every memoirist and personal essayist faces. Ideally the writer will answer “Yes.” It gets awkward when you have to say, “Yes, but…”

In the October 2005 debut episode of his influential TV show, Stephen Colbert gave the world the word truthiness. He said truthiness is when you’re talking about something that seems like the truth that you want to be the truth. That sounds a lot like the way memory works. I know a little bit about that as a journalist, piecing together different participants’ own truthiness of an event in an attempt to find the real truth.

I am now in my third year of learning to put the “I” on the page after years as a fact-obsessed journalist. I have learned a lot and am still learning, but my touchstone philosophy on writing about my life comes from Tobias Wolff’s…

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Timbangan 2013: The Results

The Movement for Good Governance

Voters weigh in on the 2013 senatorial candidates using MGG’s Scorecard

The Movement for Good Governance, together with partners Youth Vote Philippines and Mulat Pinoy, gathered a group of concerned citizens to evaluate the 2013 senatorial candidates* using MGG’s criteria of Effective, Empowering, and Ethical leadership. The event, dubbed “Timbangan 2013,” was conducted on April 16, 2013, at the Amphitheater of the Ateneo Professional Schools in Makati. Voters of all ages, from students to working professionals to senior citizens, participated in the exercise.

The objective of Timbangan was to present voters with an objective criteria for evaluating candidates and to determine whether voter preferences changed after they applied the criteria. MGG conducted two polls: one at the beginning of the event prior to the introduction to the scorecard, and a second at the end.

After casting their initial votes, the participants were briefed on MGG’s leadership criteria…

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Love others

PDI: Epic fail for an ‘honest’ mistake

Bouncin’ On Bunday

a prayer of reconciliation to the world…

Somehow I forgot to post this when it was written in 2010. Of course it seems as relevant now as it did then. This piece is an excerpt from my 2010 book Unearthed: How Discovering the Kingdom of God Will Transform the Church and Change the World.

Father God,

Too many times we as Christians have been the loudest and most vocal voices and many times we have not represented or embodied the way, life, and teachings of your Son Jesus.

Our judgmental and condemning voices have become a poor representation of Jesus in the community and the larger world and have left many who do not know anything about Jesus with a bad taste in their mouths and a deep contempt for your Church.

Too many times we are quick to say that we are the “defenders of the faith,” or the “protectors of our Christians heritage.” Yet…

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